About Lana McGregor

Lana McGregor would like you to know the following things:

She likes:

  • her coffee black
  • her Earl Grey white
  • and doesn’t approve of sugar in either.

The best biscuits:

  • for dunking in tea are Rich Tea Fingers (an underdog, but a quality choice, she’s sure you’ll agree)
  • for eating whilst wearing pyjamas and determinedly not belting out All By Myself is a chocolate and hazelnut Boaster
  • in general are a dark chocolate HobNob (closely followed by a milk chocolate HobNob, natch).

If you are going to go all out and have a cocktail with brunch then the one to pick is a Whisky Sour, and no, 10.45am on a Sunday is not too early.

Her unique (yet terribly interesting, I’m sure you’ll agree) life skills include:

  • being able to demonstrate the structure of the opposing sides in the pivotal Hundred Years’ War Battle of Crecy (1346) between France and England, using only condiments, salt and pepper shakers, and sugar sachets (that degree in Mediaeval History doesn’t stop coming in useful).
  • attempting to read 104 books a year (um, 2013 status (June): already complete, whoops).
  • being able to cook poached eggs in a pan, without poach pods, despite never having been able to create the whirlpool that every recipe book she owns suggests is necessary.

And, oh yes, she wrote a book.

His Roommate’s Pleasure is published by Carina Press, and is due for release on July 1st 2013.

You can get your copy here, direct from Carina Press, or if you would like it for your Kindle, here at Amazon.


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