His Roommate’s Pleasure – Available now!

So, His Roommate’s Pleasure is now available at all good e-book sellers! This is still terribly exciting, I think you’ll agree (or perhaps that’s just me). 

I have blogged a little bit about the experience of writing His Roommate’s Pleasure, and about the terrible cheesy soundtrack to the experience of actually having the manuscript accepted over here on the Carina Press blog:

How Writing Creeps Up On You, or How Sometimes The Best Things Happen by Accident: His Roommate’s Pleasure

And no, I won’t be sharing the rather embarrassing details of what I like to refer to in my head as ‘The Norway Nettle Incident of 2012’. Trust me, it is more embarrassing that you’re probably imagining.

(I made a playlist to go with that event too)

(I’m always making playlists)

(This one starts with Call Me Maybe). 

…This is probably the kind of thing I shouldn’t be telling people on the internet. 

Anyway, enough of all this. I have an iTunes playlist all ready to go, and it starts with Together in Electric Dreams, which I thoroughly intend to have a Miranda Hart moment over in my living room in exactly five minutes time (16 seconds into this YouTube video, if you have no idea what I’m talking about):

And if you would like to purchase His Roommate’s Pleasure, then you can do so via the following links: 

Other booksellers are available, obviously. 

And a huge thank you to those people who’ve already bought it, and read it, and have told me they liked it. All of the hearts to you. ❤